• Fotograf: Acacia Johnson
  • Utställning: Polaris, Origins
  • Utställningsperiod 22 april – 3 juni 2017

  • Hemsida: www.acaciajohnson.com


Fotografen och konstnären Acacia Johnson är född och uppvuxen i Alaska, USA. Hennes fotokonst kan beskrivas som en naturexpedition, en upptäcktsfärd där hon utforskar sin djupa koppling till de nordliga breddgraderna.
Efter examen från Rhode Island School of Design har Acacia ställt ut sina verk runt om i världen. Hennes arbete finns med i samlingarna på Rhode Island School of Designs museum och Smithsonian Museum of American History i Washington DC. Hon arbetar dessutom säsongsvis som expeditionsguide och lärare på Grönland, Svalbard, Antarktis och i Kanadas arktiska områden.

Nyligen tillbringade Acacia ett år som Fulbright-stipendiat i Kanada där hon i anslutning till Ontario College of Art and Design University arbetade med ett projekt om Baffin Islands vinterlandskap. Idag har hon sin bas i Norge, men en stor del av tiden befinner hon sig till havs.

‘Polaris’ is an exploration of otherworldly occurrences in the wilderness of the Far North. Traversing remote landscapes in Alaska and Iceland by foot, alone or with my family, I seek moments that seem to fall away from reality around the edges, into another realm. Alone on these journeys, I contemplate how the dynamic contrasts and fleeting elements of the Far North impart a heightened sense of being alive, and reflect upon the peculiar combination of wonder, fear, and respect that the landscape invokes. Polaris, the North Star, functions as a metaphor for the constancy of magic that I perceive in an environment that is otherwise in constant flux.

These images are a return to the boreal landscape of Alaska, my childhood home. In the Far North, a place not governed by conventions of light or time, hours pass in the movement of the stars, in the rush of the sea ice adrift in the tide. Together with my family, I roam this land, seeking the places and occurrences that illustrate the wondrousness I perceived as a child. Like birds and all things blessed with flight, the landscape escapes the bounds of the earth, its profound subtleties happening inside of us as much as they are happening outside. Through my camera, I construct a personal mythology for my family, in which the landscape serves as a gateway to a numinous realm, and we stand, awestruck yet at home, at the border.

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